Care & Maintenance

With care your new marble, granite or engineered stone benchtops will last a lifetime, by following some easy tips and protecting surfaces from heat and spills they will look as good as the day they were installed.

The Do’s

  • Normal cleaning involves only periodic washing with clean, tap water and neutral cleaners. 

  • Stone surface should be first wet with clean, mild hot water. You’ll could gamble over the internet throughout caca niqueis gratis. Then, using the cleaner solution, wash in small overlapping sweeps, from bottom-up if a vertical surface. Dry with soft cloth, and allow to thoroughly air-dry. C

  • Spills of any type should be immediately removed and water-rinsed. Coasters should be placed under all glasses, particularly those containing liquors or citrus juices.

  • Place-mats, wooden cutting boards should be used under heated dishes.


We do not recommend placing very hot items (such as saucepans and oven pots) or electric frypans directly on any stone based bench top surface, as this can cause extreme thermal shock. Damage may not be noticed immediately if this is done regularly, however over time hairline cracks may appear reducing the strength of the product.

  • Do not use chemical products for cleaning such as acid like chemicals, on your new bench top as this can cause a build up eventually taking away the high gloss of stone surface.
  • Lighter colored stone will be more prone to staining than darker ones. Wiping spills immediately will help avoid most potential staining.
    Products such as coffee, red wine, cooking oils, butter, lemon juice, tomatoes and anything else acidic should be wiped off the bench top as soon as possible.
  • Be careful of the weak part of the kitchen bench tops, these are normally; for example at the front & back of the sink and cook top. Downward pressure to these area’s can cause cracking or breakage.